Beatrice says
The shipment with Tratturello’s new oil has arrived in the warehouse with no problem, which is a miracle, these days. Fabio, of IS shipping, speculates that the FBI instructed their friends at FDA and US Customs to be fast, for once, because the bottle #1 is destined for Barack Obama.
Now, we need to find bottle #1 immediately, to make sure it doesn’t go to just anybody. Since we are very busy, these days, anything “extra” we ask in the warehouse does not make us popular. This is me asking Gerard:

We found it! Now you don’t have to worry about getting the President’s oil!

To be continued…

6 Responses to “Tratturello EV Olive Oil – bottle N1 – Part 3”

  1. Michele Vitale, Reply

    Molisan olive oil number one in the world! 🙂

  2. Francesco Travaglini, Reply

    Michele, in altre parole, u’meje du monn 😉

  3. Francesco Travaglini, Reply

    Gerard, grazie per la tua pazienza nel trovare tra tutte le bottiglie proprio la nostra N1.
    Dal Molise, un caro saluto a tutti i tuoi parenti in Trinidad!!

  4. Costantino Del Pinto, Reply

    Vajt te Tratturiellit hi schium te miiret, psè wind jan schium te bukura…

    E Francè visto che tutti scrivono straniero….mi sono permesso anch’io….questa conosco di lingua…eheheheh

  5. francesco travaglini, Reply

    … solo che, Costantino, questa lingua riescono a tradurla in pochi 😉
    Prima di Natale vengo a prendere i tuoi ceci secchi!

  6. Luca, Reply

    Well, has the President got the bottle on his table?
    I’m anxious about it…

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